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We’ve got an interesting blog for today – our first look at some of PSU’s most notable alumni – from a basketball player to a troubled rock musician…these stars, athletes, and successful professionals were once college students just like you!

The name Carolyn Davidson may not sound familiar, but you’d certainly recognize her artwork. Davidson, while studying at Portland State University in 1971, created a small “swoosh” design that caught the eye of Phil Knight – a professor in PSU’s Accounting department at the time. Knight offered Davidson $35 for use of the swoosh logo, which later became the insignia for Nike, Inc. Davidson worked for Knight’s company for multiple years, before retiring to focus on hobbies and volunteer work.

Portland State University was also home to Mike Richardson, who serves as the current president of Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse publishes such popular comics and graphic novels as 300, Sin City, Æon Flux, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and many, many more! Richardson is also president of Dark Horse Entertainment, the production company that created the action-adventure films Mystery Men, The Mask, and Hellboy.

She’s been called “the most controversial woman in the history of rock”, but before she took to the stage, Courtney Love was sitting through classes at Portland State University. Although Love didn’t graduate from PSU, she did enroll in classes while living in the Portland area.

Basketball fans will recognize this one: Ime Udoka, a current team member of the San Antonio Spurs, was once a star on PSU’s basketball team (note: Udoka graduated from nearby Jefferson High School). Udoka’s former teams include both the New York Knicks and Portland’s very own Trail Blazers.

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